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Clubbing fuel stations with convenience stores is a widely used and lucrative format all around the world. LaGuardia is also working on this format and provide following additional, but optional services at its retail outlets:-

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From industrial lubricants to vehicle engine oils, to marine and aviation lubes, to base stocks and specialty products; LaGuardia is offering a comprehensive line of quality petroleum products for automotive, industrial and off-road use. Our lubricants are engineered to surpass today's toughest manufacturing demands. All products are formulated from premium-quality base stocks and fortified with the latest additive technologies that provide maximum performance while conforming to the industry's highest quality control standards

Product & Services

We are a regional company dealing in sourcing, storage, and distribution / marketing of petroleum oils, lubricants and petrochemicals in Pakistan and our region. Our innovative approach ensures ready to tackle the challenges of the new energy future.

LaGuardia prides itself in supplying its satisfied customers with the quality products and customer service over the years.

We cater to POL requirements of a wide spectrum of customers comprising the retail / industrial units, aviation and marine sectors

We are proud to cater to the fuel and non fuel needs of our satisfied customers round the clock.

Marketing & Distribution

We possess a strong distribution network in the country to serve our customers. Our vibrant Retail Visual Identity (RVI) Brand and friendly customer service standards combined with high levels of supervision and top quality products enables us to maintain the highest level of efficiency, service and customer care. In addition to retail customers, we serve to numerous units, business houses, power plants and airlines.