Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

We aspire to develop as a responsible corporate entity with respect to Environment, Health and Safety.

Our Health, Safety & Environment program strives to minimize the impact of our activities on the physical environment, avoid negative social impacts and ensure that we provide the highest possible standards in Health and Safety.

Our main focus remains on:

Workers Protection and Wellbeing: To enable all employees to accept individual responsibility for HSSE, implement best practices and work in partnership to create an environment of continuous improvement by providing appropriate training & information.

Contractor Safety: To work with and demand compliance from our contractors for adhering to our HSSE Policies and Procedures, thereby ensuring high standards for protection of workers and assets.

Environmental Protection: Through partnerships with environmental experts and by using new technologies, we are finding ways to help reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. We adopt best practices that protect the environment, including reducing the quantity of emissions, developing opportunities for recycling, pollution prevention, and efficient use of recyclable materials.

Continual Improvement: Strive to continually improve our HSSE performance and management processes by measures, including the following:

*Benchmarking industry best practices to identify improvement opportunities.

*Conducting reviews and auditing our HSSE management system and operations to monitor progress and compliance Incorporating newer generation technology and advance management systems.

*Learning from events, accidents, close calls and identified substandard conditions.