About Us

Today, LaGuardia Petroleum has special characteristics that are unique to it. With bulk oil storage, distribution & retail fuel stations, catering for the bulk and retail of fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and lube oil among other numerous related services (additives, car wash, tire servicing, alignment, accessories, food, ATM etc) LaGuardia Petroleum is surely second to none in this arena. People from all walks of life can enjoy the convenience of services provided through technology, adherence to time, friendly environment and above all heartfelt treatment and satisfaction


Our Vision is to be a top performer amongst the top 10 Oil Marketing Companies in the Country with high level of excellence in the receipt, storage, distribution, and marketing of Petroleum Products and Lubricants assuring top quality and quantity of fuels together with value added services to our customers.


We commit to promote trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what we do; to contribute to sustainable development, balancing short and long-term interests and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into our decision-making; and doing business in a clear and open way where work hard to keep, and we promote transparency where possible throughout our industry.